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Let’s invert climate change by growing food. Thanks to Moringa and a revolutionary approach
Mazao developed a food system model that holds the potential to reverse climate change while growing food and enhancing the economic well-being of family farmers. The key to this positive feedback loop is Moringa, the dominant tree of the man-made Food Forests. The valuable Moringa powder is sold in international markets through a value chain that goes “beyond fair trade”. This in turn generates a regular revenue to family farmers and the proliferation of Food Forests in a relentless cycle.
Who is Mazao NGO?
Mazao is an international NGO focused on rural development and food security, using the approaches of social business and participatory education to develop actions that generate wellbeing in a long-term perspective.  Since 4 years Mazao works with family farmers in Katanga (DR Congo), strengthening local technical capacity and  establishing agro-ecological value chains, 
The Food Forest Program offers a concrete solution to climate change and food insecurity:

  1. Through the use of Agro-ecology and Carbon Farming we can absorb tons of C02 while at the same time regenerate soils and increase biodiversity.
  2. The variety of foods grown in the mini-food-forests ensure a diversified diet and a regular revenue to family farmers that look after the forests
  3. Among the plants that grow in the Food Forests there is the Moringa Oleifera, called Tree of Miracles for its highly nutritious properties.
  4. The leaves of Moringa are purchased from family farmers and processed into high-quality Moringa powder. The final product is sold in international markets (Europe and Asia), through a highly sustainable trade model called “Part-Ecology”.
  5. Mazao developed an ethical and sustainable brand called FOOD FOREST and its first product called JustMoringa.

About Project Creator:
food-2Luca URBANO
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Luca grew up in Congo. Graduated in Business Management at the University of Queen Mary (London) with a thesis in Pedagogy and Art.
After successfully establishing the first “Organic and Vegan Japanese restaurant in Europe”, he went back to Congo to found the NGO Mazao. In 2012 he launched the first Social Food Supply Chain in the world, an integrated and holistic food system to bridge the gap between smallholder’s farmers and consumers. Agro-ecology, Social Business & Participatory learning
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funding goal

Project Rewards
€10 EUR
Grow a tree
One Family Farmer gets: seeds to start their own food forest. You get: a e-card READ MORE
€25 EUR
Spread Permaculture!
One Family Farmer gets: seeds to start their own food forest + 1 intensive week of training course in permaculture design. READ MORE
€50 EUR
Training to 1 Family Farmer
One Family Farmer get: seeds + full training course to grow one Food Forest during 4 months. READ MORE
€100 EUR
Trigger the butterfly effect!
Scatena l’effetto farfalla delle Food Forests! Mazao acquisterà i primi 30kg di Moringa da 15 famiglie contadine, scatenando un ciclo in cui si potranno diffondere sempre più Food Forest! Tu ricevi: 100gr di polvere di Moringa + 5 semi + i contadini pianteranno 1 albero in tuo nome. READ MORE
€200 EUR
Grow ONE Food Forest!
1 Family Farmer gets: seeds + full training & follow up to grow one Food Forest + Mazao will purchase Moringa from this family farmer to replicate the loop! READ MORE
€500 EUR
Become a Food Forest Hero!
Grazie a te, 4 foreste cresceranno nel cuore dell’Africa! I contadini avranno una formazione in permacultura e potranno gestire meglio le loro terre e loro risorse. READ MORE
€1000 EUR
ONE Food Forest village!
Thanks to you 1 village will turn to permaculture and 10 forests will grow You get: 2 x 100gr Moringa powder + 1 x 100gr Moringa dry leaves + 30 seeds + 2 t-shirts of Food Forest + The entire village makes a video to thank you personally! READ MORE
€5000 EUR
Ecological Solar Dryer!
To construct a solar dryer to dry Moringa quicker and better! You get: Supplies of Moringa powder for a whole year (1.8KG)! + t-shirt + Food Forest Moringa Safari in Kalemie included accommodation,READ MORE

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