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facebook-autAsher Billy is from South Africa. He is a Life Coach and a Business Coach, as well as the member of the UNITED NATION BUSINESS COMPACT. Life and biz coach is his passion, he is also a story writer, white papers, and an Online Advertiser. Facebook Life Coaching Book its a water book and movie. Asher says “I would like you to assist through donation so that I can be able to produce a Facebook Life Coaching Book Movie called Asher & Mark, as well as I using your donation to publish a hard copy of a book called
Facebook Life Coaching Book, note that your donation helps to improve our water systems in Africa and worldwide. Remember that Ebola can harm any person around the world, so this means that when we install clean water in Africa, its like installing it worldwide.
Your donation will not only help to produce a movie or publish a book, but we will use it to buy water equipment, pay Engineers to bore and install water pumps, as well as using your donation to develop small business in order to radiate poverty in Africa and the world.”
Water is an entertaining movie that shows two times, the ancient time and today’s time, this movie will feature up the top actors who are our acting agents that we are marketing on YouTube ,expect our YouTube agents  like Denzel Washington, Jet Li, Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, Morgan Freeman, Mr bean, or characters with similar actors with the calibre as the latter actors incase they are not available, due to certain reasons,  the reason why we will feature this top actors is because  water is the world crisis or the United Nation crisis, therefore we will feature and combine these known world actors to convey the message of clean water to the entire world.
Mission: Our mission of Facebook Life Coaching Book is to develop and UNITE our world communities around the globe through Business Development, Facebook Marketing, Humanity and encourages communities in the world who is me and YOU to donate for clean water and help poor communities, as well as preventing our world from Ebola. As well as economical development and water development in Africa and the world through entrepreneurship and business idea exchange. Your donation will rescue me and millions of Africans from poverty and unclean water.
Vision: To develop and equip Africa and the world with clean water systems and 0% of water related diseases, as well as economic development in Africa and other poor countries.
The campaign emblem will be designed by their team member John, in addition, if you donate $25 USD and above, you can order a logo, John will help design your logo within less than 72 hours, to see John’s work of design, see our Jamko logo below, and expect similar standard, this logo is similar standard like Facebook logo.
In the creator’s own words: On these campaign of Facebook Life Coaching Book, there’s Good news and the Bad news.
Please allow me to start with the bad news of this campaign: I’m 35 years old this year, and I had never seen or believe that on earth there is a grave of hunger. But until 2016 in August, I have witnessed a grave of hunger, death that is coursed by starvation, in my beloved country South Africa that is the bad news that I have on this campaign.
This poor woman reside in Johannesburg East, exactly in the area where I  took a video where Taiwanese Organisation called Su Chi, brought food two months ago, the woman incident happen on the month of August 2016.
According to people who knows these woman, they said that this woman was a person who was clean, who likes to clean her house, sweeping the floor and sleep to forget hunger, although she was leaving in a cleaned house yet empty food. She was admitted to hospital, and the supreme treatment for her was food whilst in hospital, she denied when she was discharged, and said, ‘what am I going to eat when I go to my house’??
Furthermore about bad news, is that not only the woman who was killed by hunger, but over 11 million of South Africans are sleeping with Empty stomachs, and just imagine South Africa is a better or no1 in economy comparing to other African countries, so my question is that  if 11 million people in SA sleep in empty stomachs, how big is the number of people who sleep with empty stomach in other AFRICAN COUNTRIES , if such uncertainty happen South Africa, countries like ETHOPIA, MAPUTO, CONGO, ETC , is the number of empty stomachs even higher or less than South Africa?? I don’t know. But let me convert this disk by myself and enter in to the Good News.
The Good News is there for me and you honorable reader, if and only if we donate. But if we don’t donate, the bad news will continue, Africans will die from hunger, highest rate of unemployment, terrorism/ civil war (note that terrorism/civil is coursed by empty stomach), global warming, and other bad news.
If I don’t donate or if you don’t donate, let me and you expect crime and thieves in our houses. Note that crime in our communities is coursed by people with empty stomachs that wants to full up or seek green pastures through house breaking or robbing in a business place. This hungry people will then be called thieves, thieves have started as normal people before they can be called thieves, but the situation of empty stomach can change a person in to a thieve. But if I donate and if you donate, I promise with all my mind, no thug will break in my house and your house, no thug will break in my business and your business, why? Note that if our donations can reach up to a billion, then we will fund small businesses who will employ people, and when people are at work, they will not have an opportunity and time to break in to our lives.
Poor economy in Africa is made by lack of funding of small companies, and lack of incubation, but if we can unite, I mean to unite mentally and find a space of donation in our hearts and donate through using Indiegogo tools, via PayPal online, surely we will incubate businesses as UN Global Compact and Crowdfunding, we can reduce crime and terrorism in our world, The power of terminating and increasing crime is in our hands. Alert your friends, family, colleagues, church members, and government about our fundraising campaign.
Asher Billy has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $1,147,483,647 the fund raised will be used for the following expenses:

  • Jamko will fund small business that will hire a minimum of 10 people and above that they are connected with on LinkedIn.
  • Jamko will visit small business and offer them business coaching and mentorship
  • They will install water systems everywhere in Africa, particularly West Africa where the Ebola came from.
  • Travelling around Africa, Europe, USA, China, Asia, India, Austrilia to establish partnership, and business Idea exchange and trending ideas, as well as information technology.
  • Hire Engineers
  • They will publish a book called Facebook Life Coaching Book and a water film.

Please help raise awareness by sharing this campaign with others.

For more information, please visit Facebook Life Coaching Book’s Indiegogo page:–2#/


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$25 USD
The hand that gives get more than a hand that receives, If you have a company and donate $25 or above, I will create your company logo that will communicate with your company's products or service by developing your company logo thorough LOGO API,see Jamko on ,to see Jamko Logo, and more in the perk column,expect similar LOGO standard as Jamko,please allow us 72 hours to complete your logo. If you have an existing logo, we will help you to develop it in an Api form .

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