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EXP Fest is the Ultimate Gamer Dream, it’s an opportunity to have an event where the audience has an active role. Sure, we all love to see our favorite e-sport players make impossible plays; but how often do we feel that we could play like they do if we were given the chance? EXP Fest aims to become a paradigm changing event, they are developing a Mobile App that combines the best aspects of Arcade gaming with the latest technology in e-sports to give gamers the event they dream about.
When we look at video game or e-sports events today we see two things. First, the competitive level is amazing, the best of each game clashing, fighting or shooting their way to glory, some gameplays are breathtaking and make us jump out of our seats, which brings us to our second point; The audience, modern video game events and e-sports competitions focus their attention on a tournament, hence the audience turns into a passive bystander of the action occurring. Sure, we enjoy watching these amazing matches, but there’s always this little voice in our heads that says “You could do this better” or “You wouldn’t have chosen that combo or skill”.
EXP Fest wants to change this, by giving the audience an active role during the event we want to encourage friendly competitive matches all over the arena. EXP Fest team is developing a Mobile App that will integrate the best of vintage arcade gaming and modern technologies into one awesome experience for everyone attending EXP Fest. By empowering the audience we break the paradigm of top-level competitive gaming and divide the event into Amateur and Pro Tournaments. Just go play the games you love, earn EXP and level up to obtain amazing rewards, just like 80’s and 90’s Arcade Rooms.
The idea is to have an event that involves more than one game at a time. They have categorized e-sport competitive gaming into 5 genres: Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA), First Person Shooter (FPS), Real Time Strategy (RTS), Fighting and Sports; with a bonus ‘Vintage’ category. This will give EXP Fest’s attendants 6 different ways to prove their worth, level up their EXP Badges™ and attain Ultimate Gaming Honor and the rewards that come with glory.
Get your EXP Ticket and download our Mobile App

Look for your favorite games and prove your skills

Play matches to get EXP Points and level up your EXP Badges

Upgrade your EXP Badges and you will receive a notification

Approach the nearest EXP Post and claim your prize

Spin the wheel to test your luck

You can get trinkets, gaming gear, video games…

The Team

The EXP Development Team firmly believes that everyone has a unique set of skills and so they put up together a great party where everyone has a role, meet the team and what they bring to the table:
Miguel Patino has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $70,000. The fund raised will be used to add new team members:

  • They need a team of Developers to help shape-up the Mobile App that will set the difference between there event and the ones out there.
  • They need a Marketing team that help them contact Sponsors for the event, as well as spreading the word about their features to gamers all over the world.
  • A Logistics team in charge of setting up the arena for the event as well as contacting Pro-Teams interested in participating in Pro Tournaments.


  • EXP Fest Ticket
  • Thank You Note
  • Mobile App Credits
  • Update Newsletter
  • T-Shirt
  • EXP Fest’s Decals
  • x2 EXP Points for a day
  • Special App Skin

Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information:
Also please take some time to share this campaign across your social networks and encourage your friends and family to support


funding goal

Project Rewards
$60 USD + Shipping
Early Bird Pack
This pack will grant you a discounted Ticket to EXP Fest, as well as a x2 EXP Points boost for a day so you can get a head start on leveling your EXP Badges™ during the event and a set of EXP Fest's Decals.
$5 USD
Novice Pack
Thank you so much for your help, we are one step closer to achieving the Ultimate Gamer Dream
$15 USD
Journeyman Pack
With this pack you will be featured in the Credits section of our Mobile App. Plus you will receive a monthly digital Newsletter with updates regarding the project. As well as a Thank You Note from the EXP Team.
$30 USD + Shipping
Adventurer Pack
This pack includes a set of EXP Fest Decals featuring our Official Mascots and our logo so you can show that you are an EXP Supporter wherever you go. It also includes all the items in previous packages.
$50 USD + Shipping
Vanquisher Pack
This pack will grant you an Official EXP Fest T-Shirt so you can show off your support, wear it to the event and we will give you a special something! It also has all previous Perks included.
$100 USD + Shipping
Veteran Pack
With this Perk Pack you guarantee yourself a Ticket to EXP Fest's first edition so you can be among the first ones to try our features. This pack also includes the T-Shirt and Decals, and you will be featured in the credits section of our Mobile App, as well as receiving the Update Newsletter and Thank You Note.
$250 USD + Shipping
Warden Pack
This pack comes with VIP Access to our event, meeting the professional teams, backstage, get to know the inside of the project and what it takes to make it happen. It also has a nice x2 EXP Points boost so get a head start at grinding your way to the top and claim the ultimate rewards. This pack also comes with a Ticket, T-Shirt and Decals.
$250 USD + Shipping
Team-Up Pack
This pack is for you and your friends, you get 4 Tickets for EXP Fest, x2 EXP Points boost for day for all of you, a set of EXP Fest's Decals and a Unique Mobile App Skin. Bring your deadly squad and prove your worth at EXP Fest.
$500 USD + Shipping
Lord Pack
You will become an Official App Tester, we are developing a new way of doing video game events, and we need your help to achieve the product all gamers deserve. You will participate in the Beta Testing of the Mobile App, so you can give us your feedback and help us improve. This pack also gives all the perks included in the Warden Pack
$1000 USD + Shipping
Legend Pack
This is the Ultimate EXP Fest Supporter Pack, it grants lifetime access to all events we do, as well as a very special Loot Crate with awesome items inside. It also contains all Perks included in the Lord Pack.

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