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Every Single Rhino Counts – Saving the critically endangered White and Black Rhino

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Raising awareness and critical financial support for successful Rhino conservation organisations
#EverySingleRhinoCounts We are supporting a number of successful Rhino conservation organisations in Southern Africa which are making a difference. We URGENTLY require funding to assist them. The funds will be used to purchase trained anti-poaching dogs. It will be used to secure a Rhino sanctuary. The funds will also be used to purchase milk and food for Rhino orphans. If you support our campaign with $35 you will receive a sterling silver and cotton bracelet as pictured in the image.

Rhinos In Africa Foundation 
White and Black Rhinos are being illegally killed in Africa for their horn.  On average three Rhinos are dying per day. Rhinos are facing certain extinction.
Rhinos in Africa has established relationships with Rhino Conservation Organisations that are being successful. We support Rhino sanctuarys, Rhino orphanages, Rhino Anti-Poaching Units, relocation of threatened Rhino to areas of safety, wildlife veterinarians that carry out Rhino specific procedures most notably reconstruction of Rhino faces after a poaching attack.
These organisations need constant financial assistance in order to continue their vital work.
About Project Creator:
rhi autMegan Carr
The foundation was set up to assist organisations fighting to save the African Black and White Rhino. We have after a number of years established which organisations are being successful with regard to Rhino Conservation.
It has become my passion to raise awareness for these incredible organisations and to raise funding so that they can continue their good work.
I spend a large amount of time with theses organisations in the the African bush I am given the luxury of witnessing their progress.
We all need to become involved we are running out of time we need to save this iconic species.

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$35 USD + Shipping
Handcrafted Silver Bracelet
If you donate $35 you will receive a unisex handcrafted sterling Silver and cotton Bracelet that is engraved with our slogan. You will become part of a group of very special humans that care enough to try to save a critically endangered species.

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