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DYK is a rock band formed in 2015. The band utilized a broad sound spectrum with a mix in between guitars and synthesizers.
DYK started as a production project rather than a live band, where all initial compositions and ideas came from a garage studio in the city of Deerfield Beach, FL, late in 2014. Writer/Producer and Drummer, JE Zerpa composed a series of arrangements and ideas, reflecting and tackling political and social issues, and daily reality among the average people.
DYK released their debut album, World Without Face, in 2016, incorporated rock, pop and electronic elements, influenced by 1980s groups such as The Police, Rush, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, among others, creating an eclectic sound.

DYK, composed, recorded, mixed, produced and publish their first LP “World without Face”, including the video-clip release for “All Criminals”. The LP is a compilation of 7 songs that touched Political and Social Issues; some of the compositions are a mirror of characters that live with or around us, these stereotypes will affect all of us, some in negative or positive manner. The vocal member (singer), known as the GHOST, brings a final and unique style with flair of Brian Johnson and Scott Wieland, able to cut through the sound coming from distortions and the rest of the band.
DYK will embark in a series of LIVE shows. They are planning for a micro-tour, 7 to 9 small concerts to deliver their music, to carry these messages, and therefore, they need your help.
The funds collected will be used in the production and promotion of the video clip for the song The Procrastinator. The funds will also be used for venue and rental plus transportation.

For more information, please visit DYK Tour Campaign page:


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Project Rewards
Pledge $12 or more
THANK YOU Postcard
An original DYK postcard, the guy with the mask, as a thank you for joining us.
Pledge $15 or more
A thank you credit with your name and/or company name.
Pledge $25 or more
Signed CD
Physical copy of "World Without Face"
Pledge $55 or more
Signed CD and 11 x 17 DYK Poster
Signed CD for "World Without Face", also, signed 11 x 17 full color poster from the shows.
Pledge $100 or more
V.I.P. Merchandise Bundle
Signed CD, 11" x 17" Poster, T-Shirt, Hat, Decal
Pledge $300 or more
Signed CD "World Without Face", printed booklet with lyrics, 11" x 17" signed poster (glossy paper finish), DYK sticker, credits at the end of "The Procrastinator" video clip and T-Shirt 01

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