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Developing of a Pro rugby management pc game

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About me: My name is Jannie Pretorius and I am crazy about pc management games especially sport and war games. It is my dream to have my own pc management rugby game and game development company. I played on a high level rugby in my young days and did some coaching, but too have my own game is a dream as I can enjoy it at home or where I am. My goal is to make my hobby my work
The Game: VRD is a Multiplayer virtual Pro-Rugby (Union) PC Manager Game, dedicated to the development and operation of a pro online rugby management game.
Our philosophy: Our game will have a balanced game design, outstanding graphics, high quality and a friendly community. Our rugby game will give you NOT ONLY fun which will lasts for months and years but the opportunity to make real money.
This campaign is to help me finish developing my rugby game as it is 30% complete due to lack of finances. Once finished it will help me to start my game development company as I do believe that I will make enough money to start-up my Company

  • A very important factor is that some of the profits I `all make will be used to start a face book page called “Living to care for others” which will enable me to take care of those who lacking essentials, don’t have food, jobs and many more…
  • So your contribution will not only be helping me too finish this development but to take care of those in need…this will be our ministry…using rugby to reach my ultimate goal.

Regular feedback will be given on above to those who contribute.
What we need

  • I will need a total investment of $50 000 to complete the development of the game.

This will be an ongoing project and there will be continuous updates and developing to improve the game.
A little bit about some statistics with regards to game play:

  • Sixty-nine percent of households play computer and video games.
  • The average age of game players is: 33 years old. (I was surprised as to how high this number actually was-thought it would be more heavily inflated with all of the young players).
  • Ninety-three percent of people who make the actual purchase of computer games and 83% of people who make the actual purchase of video games are 18 years of age or older. The average age of the game buyer is 40 years old.
  • According to a new AP-AOL Games poll, 40 percent of American adults play games on a computer or a console. Men, younger adults and minorities were most likely to play those games. Among those who describe themselves as gamers, 45 percent play over the Internet. And more than a third of online gamers spent more than $200 last year on gaming, compared with nearly a quarter of those who don’t play games online.
  • Online gamers also spent more time playing those games. Forty-two percent of online gamers said they spent at least four hours playing games during an average week, compared with 26 percent of those who don’t play online. About one in six online gamers play more than 10 hours a week.
  • Statistics shows that 20% of users will pay to play and pay to win, free-to-play game spenders spend about $21 monthly.

Income/Expenses projection
1.     Designing and finishing of Rugby game : $ 50 000

2.     Servers & hosting &monthly maintenance. $ 200 pm
With references to the attached statistics and rugby players playing rugby, excluding the rugby supporters and taking the registered user in the other rugby management games in consideration, I want to be very conservative in my projection by using 5000 registered users as an example. Statistics shows that close to 20% of users will pay to play and pay to win, giving you 1000 playing users. PC/Mac users spent 5.8 hours a week on online gaming; free-to-play game spenders spend about $21 monthly. (Yes we will earn in dollars)
Reality check
Let us again be very conservative and take only 5000 users and 20% pay to play as per above statistics, giving you a monthly income of $ 21 000.
With intensive marketing on all means of media, social media, schools and clubs this figure mentions above can easily be achieved and increased by competitions. The quickest way to grow is to have an affiliate program where users can recruit users (By sending emails to your friends) and do they receive compensation or any benefits we see fit to compensate them and making use of social media.
This opportunity is self sustainable in the sense that people all over the world will play the rugby game 24/7. So you will earn money while sleeping whilst the game run on auto pilot with just the needed staff to maintain the site and sort out any problems which may occur. This will be provided by the designing Company.
You can see for yourself the potential. The time to design or finish the game will be about 3 months as 20% is already done, during this time no money will be earned but when finished you will earn a substantial amount of money. Taking the stats and our marketing program in consideration, it should not be a problem to recruit users to play the game.

  • If there are any questions about this presentation, I will be happy to address that.

Risks & Challenges
My biggest challenge was to find a Company that can develop such a game and luckily I `ve found one. The alternative was to appoint the applicable personnel but that would be the more expensive option.
My 2nd challenge is to find finances for the completion of this rugby game. It will only take 3 months to reach a point that money can be generated to be self sustained.
If you looked at above statistics the risks are not that big or major as people love to play games, especially rugby which is a worldwide sport and at some Countries their national sport. As said there is no other pro rugby management game in 3D which offers you the opportunity to make real money as you will earn real money when your team wins etc.
I want to make it very clear that there is no other PRO-rugby pc online management game that will offer you the opportunity to earn real money while playing the game when finished. The 3D engine is unique as well and offers you a unique real experience. It is as if you are there!!!
Other Ways You Can Help

  • If you cannot contribute I will really appreciate it if you can share this opportunity with your friends via the social media platforms etc.
  • I am sure that you will agree that this is a worth your while investment
  • My contact email is:

View the real deal below as a teaser

Thank you

Jannie Pretorius
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funding goal

Project Rewards
$5 USD
10% return on your investment
What You Get: For an investment of $ 1000: 60% interest p.a. $ 500: 50% $ 200: 40% $ 100: 30% $ 50: 20% $ 49 and less will only receive 10% interest p.a. All above will be payout on monthly basis or after 1 year together with your initial investment Plus all will receive a team to manage for free as well.

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