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The Directed Art Modern believes that the art market should be taken back from the vanity trend & returned to the artist & community.
The Directed Art Modern, is a company founded by art professionals, each successful within their respective area. The team heralds from The United Kingdom and The United States, they all have degrees from substantial institutions of Higher Education, which helps them approach the many artists and their work from an informed perspective.
Each of team member is also focused on Charity, and they are or have been on Boards of some charitable organizations. It is because of their individual success and their mutual distaste for the vanity trend in the art world that they came together and formed this company where they put the artist first. Each member of the DAM team focuses on how their individual skill-set can be best utilized to benefit the artist and their career.
DAM ART ’16 is an innovative art exhibit showcasing artwork from The United States and Europe. It will be a fresh and colorful interactive art event where viewers can not only view the works, but also interact and even enter an original environment created specifically by Venice Biennial Artist Stefano Ogliari Badessi. Viewers will be able to experience a variety of artistic formats from: painting, photography, installation, mixed media and sculpture – thereby experiencing not only the works but also the many different textures.
DAM ART ’16 not only focuses just on the artist and the work, but also on the accessibility of art to the public, and so, the event will welcome all visitors, and because of this campaign they will be one of the few Art Basel art exhibitions that does not ask the viewer to have to pay for their right to see and experience art. 
dam-5Melanie Ann Prapopoulos, Owner of The Directed Art Modern, LLC and Owner of Melanie Prapopoulos: Works of Art, has been recognized as a Distinguished Professional in her field through Women of Distinction Magazine. Melanie Ann Prapopoulos was recently featured in a 2015 edition of the Women of Distinction Magazine. Becoming an entrepreneur in the art world gave Melanie Ann Prapopoulos a leg up with her competition. By taking the bull by the horns, she founded and formed The Directed Art Modern, LLC (DAM) in Miami, Florida in 2016.
In her role, Prapopoulos juries art and artists, seeks out locations for them to exhibit, sell, or place their artwork for view, works on the design and upkeep of the company website, and negotiates with and for the artists. Together, she and her team will also implement new exhibiting strategies and networks. Melanie has also been teaching college writing and literature since 2000,
first at The University of Indianapolis on the Athens Campus in Greece, and now at both Miami Dade and Broward College. She’s also been doing art exhibitions both nationally and internationally (in Athens) since 2004 and has been painting and creating new pieces ever since. (Her favorite works have included charcoal, which enabled her to work on canvas, and lately she has been focusing more on mixed media.)
The mission of The Directed Art Modern is to be a service to and for artists in all levels of their careers, this includes exhibitions, management, and opening doors to not only collectors, but to the public in general. To facilitate this, The DAM is a melding of individuals from the art world – an artist, and a curator bringing 27 years of art market experience and by combining these aspects The DAM is able to cover a myriad of topics relating to the career of the artist.
With this combination The DAM is able to not only encourage the artist but  is  also able to negotiate terms for the artist and navigate the labyrinth of today’s modern art market seeking the best opportunities for the artist to move forward in his/her career, thus leaving the artist to be concerned with nothing but his/her artistic vision.
With the ever increasing prices of exhibiting in the modern art market The DAM believes that the art market should be taken back from the vanity trend and returned to the realm of reward for one’s creativity – to do this  The DAM will explore not only traditional modes of exhibition, but also innovative locations. Lastly, The DAM’s entire modus operandi is to protect art, the artist, to keep them in the realm of their art and vision, to keep the artist away from the tag of being a money making entity – to keep art for art’s sake.
The Directed Art Modern has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $20,000 With the money gained through this campaign they will pay for the shipping of the art to be exhibited at DAM Art ’16, they will be able to purchase the necessary materials such as industrial fans needed for Bedassi’s installation, hire certified art handlers, insurance, marketing and promotions, which allow the event to be free of charge for the public to attend.
The Schedule
The location, The Savoy Hotel, 425 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, is already booked by DAM ART ’16. Artists and art works have already been selected and new pieces will be completed well before exhibition. Once funding comes in they could pay their venders (Marketing team, promotional poster postcards, and insurance), shipping expenses, and contracted help (Art handlers, security).
If you would like to make a donation to this project, you can visit their campaign page. Perks for supporters include Street art Stickers, Original Art Work on paper and VIP passes to DAM ART ’16, but you’ve got to be quick!

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Project Rewards
Pledge $15 or more
Street art Stickers
The humble sticker is an art medium that does not require a big production but makes a big impact. Artist Alan Bellos reinvents the sticker by infusing it with his street art. The sticker art is marked with early age iconic elements of the pop culture of Alan's generation, such as the tales of Dr. Seuss, MAD magazine and the Spy Vs. Spy comics. The stickers are collectable references of the original characters continuously referenced throughout Alan Belloso's art work. These art series stickers can not be bought in stores.
Pledge $50 or more
Original Art Work on Paper
For your patronage we would like to offer an original, unframed art work on paper by artist Melanie Prapopoulos. Approximate size 8" x 10".
Pledge $150 or more
VIP Passes to DAM ART '16
For your patronage we offer VIP tickets to attend DAM ART 2016 VIP reception at the Savoy Hotel Miami beach, on December 2, 2016. *Get an exclusive look at the works of Venice Biennial artist and contemporary artist from around the world. *Meet and Greet with the artist. *Enjoy our complimentary bar.

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