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Many media sources like to like to insert fear and division. We need to look past this tactic and attack the real issues at play
Launched in 2016, Cognizance Journal strives to become an online news source focusing within the political and business realms, along with other vital issues happening in the United States. We don’t cover topics such as death, celebrity news, religion, and racial issues among other things. Many media sources like to insert these issues to create fear and division among us. We need to look past this tactic and collectively attack the real issues at play creating serious problems for the general public and their well being. Lets demand relevance in our news, lets demand education and easy to understand metrics in order to create fast educated decisions, lets look past the smoke and mirrors and unify as Americans to stop the rampant corruption, poor business practices, and economic issues plaguing our country.

About Project Creator:

Zac Juergensen is a Marine Corps veteran finishing his B.S. degree at ASU.

He is currently a practicing real estate agent in the Phoenix area. Additionally, he has experience in the banking industry. He remains a huge advocate of avoiding debt and preparing for retirement at an early age.

Seeing a complete failure in many areas from education to government coupled with completely under-performing news sources, he started Cognizance Journal.
Cognizance Journal was founded on the principle of providing worthy information for the masses to harness and use. Zac intends to scale Cognizance Journal as fast as possible with like-minded freelancers that can contribute additional content.
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What we are offering is a news source that we desperately need in America. Many of us are tired of the smoke and mirrors we are repeatedly forced to consume. As consumers lets change the standard of what we deem as worthy information and wish to consume

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