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Contribute to identify and cure the causes of violence worldwide. Ignite an international order.

– The Civic Activist

  • Responsible Civic Planning,  a Conscientious choice.
  •  Liberty does not equal Fighting Words

– An epidemic of open ended conflict, unknowing to most caused by the use of force,thrives on a strategy of pain and moral degradation.

Immigration reform has stagnated for a decade, and the immigration system is broken.

Policy makers are hiding the reason why.

– Winning the battle of noise, or a civil liberty to fighting words:

  • All v. The Many. What the driving force instead is.

Freedom of conscience is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution as a fundamental and undeniable truth that is diametrically opposed to force or violence.”This means, among other things, that a military or government controlled force must in all cases be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power (art.13). It also means that freedom of conscience determines the quality of the civic order.”

In recent times,this concept has come under attack.An excessive and planned internationalization and unguided opening of the public sphere, when left unaccountable by the powers that be, have threatened the fragile freedom on which the civic order is based.The redesigning of American institutions, such as the Department of Homeland Security as a counter-terrorism agency that includes the immigration service,a stronger Presidency with its concomitant Commander in Chief powers, and a more pervasive role for the police, was implemented in significant instances without popular mandate but permeates many aspects of civil life.

Security is a good thing. Lack of transparency and accountability and the concomitant inability to discern cause are by definition an undesirable. Open debate by the citizenry carries with it a cost of liberty that results from evaluation of its benefits. A government by the governed that is confronted by a violation of its own founding concept resorts to campaigns of suppression in order to avoid bearing the cost of open debate. This raises the stakes for an evaluation of the benefits of freedom of conscience. Without its fundamental guiding principle, the Constitution of the United States cannot persist.

The responsibility of society to control the use of force is clear. We must not forget that the cost of liberty, intended by the Bill of Rights to be borne by the moral backbone of the citizenry, is a mighty tool in the enforcement of our laws and values. At this point, relying on the government to decide correctly on the use of force in several instances has proven not to protect the founding concept. This has proven detrimental in areas such as immigration, foreign policy, President-Congress relations, and national security. These have witnessed a slippery slope of liberty and benefits.

Telling the truth on matters of vital public importance redistributes the costs that the government in instances refuses to bear. Quality governs quantity, but there is truth in numbers.


Violence is caused by suppression. The crucial life supporting elements that are damaged belong to the person or are located in his or her environment. This project identifies and seeks to cure the causes of violence worldwide.

When suppression desensitizes culture to violence, popular perception becomes skewed and focuses on those aspects that elicit grief and fear. This is covert violence that makes us commit heinous acts, whether towards others or towards ourselves. On the surface, unproductive haywire passions and lack of insight and control do not appear all that bad. However, when considered in their public manifestations, they are part of suppressive campaigns that use force to achieve damaging ends. Failure of gun control regulations, open ended conflict in the Middle East, and illegal immigration are just a few examples. A desensitized culture renders us unable to confront the problem. This project supports a healthy civic order by uncovering and identifying causes of violence as they relate to what matters most to our cultural and national identity: national security, immigration, and foreign relations, to name a few. Please visit our project page for more details. 


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$150 USD
Yearly subscription All publications, newsletters, and announcements produced within one year. Any shipping fee is minimal or none and depends on each shipment.
$250 USD
Immigration reform For those who feel passionate that the U.S. should be a welcoming place without wasting public funds or making embarrassing misrepresentations, your contribution will enable you to provide input into background research or drafting to reform this country's immigration laws and federal structure.

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