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CHEESE THE QUEEN Artisan Cultured Tree Nut Cheese

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CHEESE THE QUEEN | Artisanal Cultured Tree Nut Cheese
Who said healthy food can’t be delicious?
We’re hand-crafting a small and delicious foodie revolution in the form of gourmet – and wholesome –artisanal tree nut cheese! We want to give the world a slice of a delightful plant-based cheese that will benefit the palates and health of people everywhere.
Approximately 65 percent of the human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy. Besides humans (and companion animals who are fed by humans), no species drinks milk beyond infancy or drinks the milk of another species. Cow’s milk is suited to the nutritional needs of calves, who have four stomachs, gain hundreds of pounds in a matter of months, and sometimes weigh more than 1,000 pounds before they are 2 years old.
Moreover, cow’s milk is a cruel and unhealthy product: cows are treated as milk-producing machines and are genetically manipulated, pumped full of antibiotics and hormones, artificially inseminated shortly after their first birthdays and again and again, so they can give milk throughout their life.
While cows suffer on factory farms, humans who drink their milk increase their chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other ailments. Making matters worse, large dairy farms have an enormously detrimental effect on the environment. The dairy industry is the primary source of smog-forming pollutants, and a single cow emits more of these harmful gasses than a car does.
What can we do?  
We are passionate about delicious gourmet food that provides a wholesome, cruelty-free, eco-sustainable alternative for those who wish to live a conscious, intentional life.
“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates
Imagine a tasty gourmet cheese plate full of probiotics. Cheese that gives you great taste that tickles your palate, but provides your body with a variety of friendly bacteria essential for your health. A food full of aliveness that becomes even better with time, making you feel more vital and beautiful.
Cheese whose production brings no harm to nature as it is 100% raw, relying solely on the fermentation process and its qualities.
Rich in vitamin B, enzymes, proteins, and fibers, the nut cheese that we will produce at Cheese the Queen is conducive to strengthening your microbiome and helping to boost your energy, beauty, and vitality. Our cheese is intended for food lovers and health enthusiasts alike. A tasty, fair-trade, and eco-sustainable relative to dairy products, our nut cheese combines the power of modern technology with all the wisdom of the Bulgarian fermentation tradition.
Mass production has caused a lot of damage, leading us every day further towards an eco-catastrophe. By losing our contact with nature and our bodies, we forget our real needs and encounter different illnesses. There are virtually no nutrients in animal-based foods that are not better provided by plants.
For years we have lived with calcium in dairy products, but modern medical studies indicate that milk may actually increase women’s risk of getting osteoporosis instead providing a necessary source of calcium. Humans can get all the calcium and protein they need from nuts, seeds, yeast, grains, beans, and other legumes. It’s difficult not to get enough calories from protein when you eat a healthy diet.
The product you are supporting is compassionate to animals and beneficial for humans. But our process is also ethical and eco-sustainable, and our production is harmless to nature.
By supporting Cheese The Queen, you are supporting a healthier life, wholesome food, a conscious approach to a cleaner environment and local artisanal production.
We believe that all living beings deserve nutritional food and nature to support their well-being.

  • Our production is eco-sustainable in comparison to dairy products. We don’t use animals for ethical, environmental and health reasons. Except the lactose and casein intolerance, cows are the biggest producers of methane.
  • The products we use are fair-trade. We believe that food should be made with love, but in an ethical and respectful way.
  • 70-80% of our health depends on our microbiome. Good health requires prebiotics and probiotics, which are in fermented & cultured foods in which Bulgaria has a rich tradition. We have something important we can give to the world – with your help.
  • We keep it fun! Our production is delicious, pairs perfectly with wine and goes over amazingly well at parties! It’s simply awesome!

Why in Bulgaria?
Bulgaria is a land where fermented foods reign supreme. This tradition dates all the way back to the 5th century, when the Thracians were already using recipes that had been passed down through the centuries. In 1905, a Bulgarian doctor discovered Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which became the world’s first recognized probiotic; it ushered in a new era of delicious, medicinal food. Because as much as 80% of our health relies on our microbiome, probiotics found in fermented foods are a key component of a healthy lifestyle. With Cheese the Queen, we aim to establish a small factory for artisanal, plant-based cheese produced in Bulgaria.
We are creating a bridge between traditional techniques and modern life. We believe that a plant-based approach can help save the planet in a delicious & healthy way. Our product combines the ancient techniques used by our ancestors with a modern approach to give the world an amazing food we all need. Our cheeses come from fair-trade cashews and almond milk. We culture them with acidophilus, which converts them into a great probiotic food for you. Some cheeses age for weeks to develop deeper, tangy flavours, while others are fresh and light soft spreads.
How it will reach you?     
Bulgaria is a small country, but we have the knowledge and traditions to create a beneficial and delightful product.
The strategic position of our country will help us to export to all of Europe to begin with, and meanwhile take steps to research how to spread the news around the world – and go bigger.
We believe that people deserve good food for more energy and the health they need to fully enjoy life. In the world’s minds, there has been a longstanding clash between the gourmet experience and raw and vegan cuisine. Lovers of traditional foods date back centuries, like cheeses, but many refuse to believe that satisfactory taste can be achieved by using a healthier, plant-based approach. We believe in the opposite. We have tested our cheeses on our families, friends, focus groups, people we have never met before, vegans and omnivores. It has been rated as a delicacy, a great wine companion and table-wanted. We’re not only focused on its health benefits, but paying precise attention to its taste qualities.
What do we need your help for?
We are turning to you to help us raise start-up capital of $12 000 that will cover the costs of getting Cheese the Queen off the ground. With your help, we will rent a place where we can establish a small factory. We will buy the equipment we need to start producing and launch a marketing campaign to expand awareness of conscious food production. We appreciate any and all contributions that will support our mission to create gourmet tree-nut cheeses for people who want to live a more conscious, healthy & delightful lifestyle.
Our budget:
All our tree-nut cheeses are made by hand and contain all the love that food needs to be alive and delicious.
To create our start-up production volume, we need:

  • to rent and renovate our boutique “factory” so it covers all the regulatory requirements and we can go through all the procedures regarding legalization – $2 500
  • microbiologic analysis of the products – $ 600
  • 2 dehydrators – $ 1 000
  • 1 professional blender system – $ 1 700
  • 2 fridges – $ 1 300
  • professional working tables, shelves and utensils – $ 1 300
  • packaging (eco-sustainable) – $ 900
  • fair-trade nuts and herbs – $ 1 300
  • outreach campaign and materials to raise the awareness of the benefits of tree-nut cheese and sustainable dairy-free food production – $ 1 400

Our brand story:
We believe good food is like a good fairy tale. It has a long story before it reaches your belly, where it reaches its happy end. Good food is the Queen, and the Queen loves healthy delights! With your help, Cheese the Queen will live happily ever after. We will all be one small step closer to a more sustainable and healthy gourmet culture –thanks to the delicious food we have in store for you!
Our products:
We have planned for a long and exciting future.
Our pilot products are three aged hard cheeses and a sampler box for the curious ones.
They are all awesome and truly delicious, we assure you of that! They are firm, tangy, and some are creamy at the inside. Try them on a cheese plate, with or without wine, with crackers, chutneys, jams, grapes or anything that comes to mind.

  • Classic Aged Tree-nut Cheese – the great favourite, fermented, rich and full of taste
  • Sharp Yellow Tree-nut Cheese – extra tangy and sharp in taste, we simply love it. For the ones who love bold taste.
  • Chives & Green Pepper Tree-nut Cheese – firm but creamy on the inside, blended with chives and dusted with fresh green pepper. Fresh yet tangy.

Degustation box with a sample from all three
Our next step is:

  • Pickled Cucumbers & Dill Spread – trust us, it is simply divine
  • Cheesecake Love – our cheese for a vegan cheesecake, yoghurt, smoothie bowls or whatever else inspiration you might have. Light, creamy, and cultured dairy alternative for desserts especially.

Our production is:
100% plant-based
100% raw
Free of anything that you might need to avoid: gluten, soy, dairy, cruelty
We use only wholesome nuts, nut milk, acidophilus cultures, kimchi starter, and a selection of spices.
With your help, we can bring more life to your table.
Don’t forget: “The biggest and strongest animals on the planet — elephants, gorillas, rhinos — are herbivores,” says Arizona Cardinal David Carter.
We appreciate your help <3
Thank you for supporting Cheese The Queen!
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funding goal

Project Rewards
$2 USD
Thank you
Thank you for being our supporter for more delightful&healthy food!
$10 USD
You deserve a crown!
A personally written e-card with you wearing our crown!
$25 USD
Secret Cheese Recipe for you!
A personally written e-card with you wearing our crown and a secret cheese recipe on the back, so you can enjoy healthier delights while our production is getting ready ;-)
$50 USD
Our cheese party book!
Our e-book with healthy delights and tree nut cheese matches: learn how to make vegan cheesecake​, pear chutney, kimchi and many more for the perfect cheese party!
$100 USD
You are amazing in the kitchen
Plus everything else here you will get a series of video classes about fermented foods and why they are the absolute blast for your health. How to prepare an amazing variety of cheese spreads, kimchis, krauts, pickles, sauces, desserts and much more.
$250 USD + Shipping
The Party Cheese Box
All above + the party cheese box with а variety of all our goodies! Yummmy!
$500 USD
The Queen day!
The Queen day: a spa day with delightful treatments followed by cheese degustation with wine pairing and delights to excite your taste buds. N.B. For Bulgaria only
$750 USD
The opening party and more!
We will send you more love, plus all above and you will be invited to our opening party.
$1000 USD + Shipping
You rock! Cheese all year!
You rock! We will send you one cheese box every month throughout the year!
$12000 USD
Wow! You are awesome!
Wow! Awesome! Oh my! After some minutes without words… We will send you a present box every month till the end (if ever there is an end)! You will be invited to all our tastings, new products releases and you will be a true heart friend to the Queen!

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