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Hi, My name is Baby Caleb, I was born on September 2, 2016. My family was so happy to welcome me in this world, being the first child of the family but sadly, it did not last long, after bathing me under the morning sun for the first few weeks, still, my yellowish skin and eyes failed to disappear. So I was rushed to my Pedia Doctor and was eventually referred to a Pedia-Gastro Hepatologist and after taking some laboratory tests and a biopsy procedure, I was diagnosed with “Biliary Atresia”, a rare liver disease.

The first recommendation was to do the “Kasai” procedure/operation to me because I am just two months old and it was done in Philippines General Hospital last October 26, 2016 but after three months of waiting, unfortunately, it was assessed as unsuccessful as my bilirubin level is still high and I still have yellowish skin and eyes. With that, the final recommendation to save my life is for a Liver Transplant to be conducted in Taiwan that cost around P5million and my parents are the primary liver donors.
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