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Build Modern Web Applications with React

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Learn everything you need to know about React to build modern web applications.
Help me to bootstrap Fullstack Javascript Developer series of courses with the first one: Build Modern Web Applications with React. Your support will help me to clear my busy consulting schedule and focus all my time on creating this course and platform behind it. You can help me to start my own business that I planned and worked for for a long time.
There is a problem I hear quite often from my students and subscribers: while there are a lot of material on React development, most of it just gives you basics and leave you there without any idea how to move forward or even how to develop something workable.
And this course fixes it.
While working through this course you will develop and deploy full fledged application, that covers a lot of common functionality you’d encounter in real-world applications.
You can try this application here: https://bgshop.remzolotykh.net.

Big Picture
This course is the first course in Fullstack Javascript Developer series. The whole series looks like this:

  1. Build Modern Web Applications with React
  2. Manage state of React app with Redux
  3. Build Applications and APIs with ExpressJS
  4. Fullstack Javascript Testing

Also there are other courses that could be published in the future:

  • Build Mobile Application with React Native
  • Learn SQL and PostgreSQL

Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information:


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Project Rewards
$200 USD
EXCLUSIVE: This perk is available only during this campaign. Unique opportunity to get life-time access! That means that you'll get full access to all courses I will make in the future. There are 4 courses right now in pipeline with another two potential ones. You'll get access to all of them, because that's how cool you are!
$5 USD
Get personal thank you from me and a warm feeling inside from helping.
$15 USD
Get first chapter of the course and 40% discount if you decide to purchase the full thing.
$49 USD
Full Course
Get access to full course content and private forums where you can ask questions, show your code for review and discuss different topics with other students.
$79 USD
Course+Exercises+Code Review
Get access to full course content, private forums, bonus chapter where I solve all exercises. Also I'll review your code for all exercises.
$128 USD
Make it two
Get everything that is included to 'All-in' option but also get access to the second course in this series dedicated to Redux and state management (second course will be published in July)

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