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Orphan, now a father & thankful for the love of Christ. This will be my most important project to date & with your help it will happen!
This album means everything to me. I’ve got a testimony I need to let the world know. I believe god protected me from signing with the enemy. I’m very thankful for this opportunity of bringing my talents to be of use to god’s kingdom. This will be my Record Label’s 1st Full Length Album. Proclaiming His name & Declaring War on the Comatose Spirit within our city, I encourage everyone who believes in this change & believes in Christ to allow me the chance to prove he is moving through our city! GOD & his Son would like nothing more than to have his rightful relationship with “you”! Are you going to let him in? If so, respond & give me the opportunity to convey all that I can in this Album!!!!
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blank-aut-1Omari D. Harper
I’m thankful for everything that has happened in my life & even more thankfulthat I can share my story with you. I’m orphan from the projects that got lucky enough to survive out of my immediate situation. Kicked out of every foster care home the county had to offer only to be thrown into Orphanage/Children’s home. I was thrown out of regular school by 3rd grade due to my mental circumstances.
I worked my way back into regular school by 10th grade to get a real high school diploma. I went into tech school only to drop out to join the Army as a last resort. I served before and during 9-11 proudly before leaving the Army to find my way on my own. I found an amazing person who is now my wife and she gave me my beautiful daughter. I want to share my joy of victory with all of the other orphans out there that think they can’t do the right thing for themselves and make it! I just want a chance to really share my story & I believe this album will allow me to reach everyone’s hearts & let them know that we all are almighty in Christ!

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HSFR Stickers & DJ Mixes Link!
A Hard Step Faction Recordings Sticker & a private dropbox link to my Dj Mixes archive spanning from 2003 to Present.
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"I Love GOD Album" Flash Drive!!!
You will receive a flash drive with the full "I Love GOD" Album & A " BLANK" Sticker as well.
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Get You Some!!!
I will send you a brand new T-Shirt from the "I Love GOD Album", "BLANK" or "Hard Step Faction Recordings". Also you will gain access to my archive of mixes & Direct Access to Hard Step Faction Recordings Digital Catalogue!
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View or come to the 1st Show!
7 people will have a personal conversation with me on Skype & receive an Invite to this Album's 1st Show. If you are not local to Tucson, I will stream the show, no worries! I will also give you access to HSFR Digital Catalogue via Dropbox, You get the album on a Flash Drive & receive a "I Love GOD" shirt as well!!!

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