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Taking the sting out of unemployment following incarceration, BeeHavin’ is a socially conscious enterprise conceived by Vanessa Bright, a Family and Consumer Sciences Educator for University of Maryland Extension. Why choose ex-offenders for this initiative? A lack of sustainable employment opportunities represents one of the greatest barriers to an individual’s successful reintergration into society from incarceration resulting in high recidivism rates. Many get out of prison with just their meager belongings and a criminal record. BeeHavin’ is a chance to start over again and access economic independence.

A prison educator, Vanessa realized the immense potential of BeeHavin’ to contribute to social welfare and the environment. This is how this social enterprise initiative which also helps our environment was born. After all, experts estimate we have only 4 years to live, if bees are wiped off the face of this earth. Twin benefits of this enterprise are social welfare and ecological conservation. The business is geared towards products that are made using beeswax and natural oils.
BeeHavin’ will provide retail services through its website and also supply its products to wholesalers. Be part of positive change and help an ex-offender turn a new leaf. Give ex-offenders a fighting chance at life again and contribute to society for a welcome change.
If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on their Indiegogo page:


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Project Rewards
$5 USD
Donor Thank You Wall
We are so happy that you are supporting what we are doing at BeeHavin'. READ MORE
$10 USD + Shipping
Save the Bees Bumper Sticker
A condition known as colony collapse disorder is causing bee populations to plummet, READ MORE
$10 USD + Shipping
Pack of Assorted Flower Seeds
With these sees, you can improve home gardening practices to benefit bee conservation in your community.
$10 USD + Shipping
BeeHavin's Natural Lip Balm
3 ingredient lip balm. Beeswax is anti-inflammatory; antibacterial and an antioxidant. READ MORE
$25 USD + Shipping
Eco Friendly Tote Bag
The next time the clerk at your favorite grocery store asks whether you prefer READ MORE
$50 USD + Shipping
BeeHavin T-shirt with Logo
Our T-shirt is the design of inmates currently enrolled in a graphic design class READ MORE
$100 USD + Shipping
Raw Honey in a Beautiful Jar
Not only is honey a natural sweetener, making it a great alternative to sugar,READ MORE
$200 USD + Shipping
BeeHavin' Tote Package
Your eco-friendly tote will come filled with goodies---READ MORE
$500 USD + Shipping
BeeHavin'Folding Chair Package
Just in time for the many outdoor activities of summer, READ MORE

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