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Solar energy provides a historical chance to democratize power generation & we need to install it.
Hi all, this is Sambhav, co-founder of Becquer Energy. I am a computer science engineer and a certified solar system designer.
The team currently consists of 4 people, all of who have worked in solar companies like REC, Conergy and 3 out of 4 are certified system designers as well.
The idea of Becquer is straightforward: Help in the adoption of distributed solar energy so that each one owns its power. We are looking to focus in Asia where more than half the world’s population lives.
Currently, most big solar companies are chasing multi mega/gigawatt utility and industrial scale project since they have higher returns.
But, with solar now achievable, apart from clean energy, we have an opportunity to democratize power, that is each one gets control on what power source to use, what company to hire and what rate to pay. So, we can transition from using power as a boring utility that consumers have no say over to using it by choice as a consumer product from Unilever or P&G.
And more control and access to energy, the blood of all life operations, would have a cascading effect on how we manage our life.

What is the plan?

The plan is to be a solar technology company, that is, to be able to provide more than the physical installation of systems. This includes the software side of things. Energy in the coming days would be like the internet. We could share energy, store energy and for all this, we would need an infrastructure just like the internet, opening up immense potential for software solutions.
But before we do this, we need to prove that we can at least install the systems, so that consumers get confidence and so do investors.
Thus, we believe it is best to do 3-4 small installations for very specific customers that can easily switch to solar. These would be customers that:
1. Own the roof that is fairly spacious
2. Have maximum operations during the day
3. Currently cannot choose what electricity tariff to pay
Once we have successfully done this, we build on this success to raise more money to do the following:
1. Accelerate the adoption for residential and small commercial customers
2. Build in house capabilities for system design, mounting structure design and monitoring software
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