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Support the only minority, women-owned industrial paint business in MN train and empower others
Jane Yuen-Lin Mahowald, owner of Assure Quality Painting, the only minority-, woman-owned paint contracting company serving industrial and commercial markets in Minnesota and much of the upper Midwest. AQP is a young business created to help lift minorities and women out of the cycle of poverty. This business is a means of achieving that end. They have 15 highly skilled employees, 13 of whom are minority and/or women. They have been very successful thus far by working on important, highly visible projects, ranging from the US Bank Stadium housing the Minnesota Vikings football team to a new city water treatment plant and much more.
In the creator’s own words: Initially we did not make much money because we were learning how to estimate large projects. We also invested in obtaining every certification required to work on government projects from federal to local projects and employee training. Now we have experience and are in a mentoring program to make sure our estimates include reasonable profit, we have skilled, professional employees, exceptional project management and all certifications. We receive requests to bid on many government funded project and major private construction projects in Minnesota with several million dollars-worth in hand. But we have a serious barrier to overcome.

We must fund equipment, materials and salaries for a minimum of 90 days – – for every job – – before we can submit any invoice for work done. That continues throughout the course of the contract. It means having lots of money up front before we can submit a bid. Being a minority and women-owned company, we do not have access to funds from banks and other traditional resources like other businesses (a nationwide problem).
Warren Vollmar (Campaign creator) has extensive corporate and consulting experience including start-up leadership, marketing, change management and business development. He is an owner and founder of American Authentic, doing business as Plum Majestic, which sells American art into the Asian luxury market; CEO of a another new company in the art field in startup phase; and CEO of The ROI Group, a management consulting company formed after leaving 3M to help small and new businesses start up and prosper.
Warren Vollmar has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $140,000. The fund raised will enable them to bid on some of these requests, demonstrate the capabilities of their employees, perform high quality work and create sustainable cash flow. They will expand their efforts beyond Minnesota. Their goal is to train and hire 100 minorities/women within two years. Every penny contribution will go toward that effort.
They will donate $1 to 1 of 3 women’s empowerment causes for every contribution made, no matter how small. You will also be recognized on their website. Contributors of $30 or more will also receive a T shirt with an empowerment theme. For $150 they’ll add an insulated steel travel mug, and for $300, a Bluetooth selfie stick. Everyone gets their undying gratitude.
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$1 USD
Personal thank you; $1 donation to 1 of 3 women causes and listing on AQP website
$30 USD + Shipping
Personal thank you; $1 donation to 1 of 3 women causes; listing on AQP website; and an empowerment themed T shirt
$150 USD + Shipping
Personal thank you; $1 donation to 1 of 3 women causes, listing on AQP website; empowerment T shirt; AND an insulated steel travel tumbler
$300 USD + Shipping
Personal thank you; $1 donation to 1 of 3 women causes; listing on AQP website; empowerment-themed T shirt; insulated steel travel tumbler; PLUS a Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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