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We will film artisan wine growers from France and get the public to know them
Economic crisis, crazy competition, lack of means… Yes ! but promoting the work of true estates, with true stories and real wine growers is a dream came true. Its name is Coq au Vin and it is time to give it wings.

What is the project about?
To make a short and punchy movie, showing the portrait of the artisan wine grower dedicating his life to the expression of a terroir.
Join us and be part of our goals:

  • Promote good taste and the respect of mother earth
  • Explain the artisanal work made in the vineyards every single day by these land lovers
  • Bring support to artisan wine growers facing corporations with unlimited resources
  • Launch a project that will expand to whole France

We are proposing you to become an active player of this adventure. You will become a special member of our community. Your name will be inscribed in the movies credits and above all in the wine growers’ history.
The movement initiated by these first movies will get bigger and you will have a lot to do with it. As our development goes, we will not limit ourselves, we will film in every wine region of France.

Where will we shot the movies?
We will start with Domaine des Pothiers in Côte Roannaise in the Loire Valley, we’ll continue with Château La Martinette in Provence, and if we go over our first budget target, we will immediately hit the road to Domaine Cyril Gautheron in Chablis!

Why participate?
Movie making to promote the work of each wine grower requires an important investment. We have a website that we are improving, we already promote the wine growers’ work, and we call you in to trigger the creation of an international communication platform.
The funds gathered will give us a real hand. First of all, it will serve to finance the common base of all movies (2000€), the making of two wine growers’ portraits who are with us from the very beginning of the adventure (6200€), and it will contribute to the expenses of the project launch like costs to generate valuable counterparts (2800€): see full budget on
By overtaking the target, we will be able to make the project evolve even faster! It will allow us to finance the making of the short movies in the Loire Valley, Jura, Languedoc, Provence, Beaujolais, Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy… and will give us the capability to integrate new producers and promote them.
The more donations, the fastest we go!
Even the smallest donation is precious. By definition, it makes you a member of the production team.

“What do I gain?”
For you, we have put together a full set of gifts that you can:

  • get for your personal pleasure
  • offer for a birthday or simply for the pleasure to offer
  • do with one or more of your customers or suppliers
  • allow yourselves between family, friends or colleagues
  • fit to your measure without limit!

See all rewards and detailed project here:


Thank you in advance!


Link to the Project:


funding goal

Project Rewards
For $USD6 or more 1
Your name mentioned in the credits A big THANK YOU!
For $USD12 or more 1
Your password to watch the movies in preview Your name mentioned in the credits A big THANK YOU!
For $USD33 or more 2
A 75cl bottle to get at La Vache dans les Vignes in Paris (fantastic wine and cheese concept bar)READ MORE
For $USD66 or more 4
Two 75cl bottles picked up in Coq au Vin's portfolio and sent to you in France for free (or anywhere in the world with the post cost)READ MORE
For $USD112 or more
Promising evening party, in Paris or Angers, it will be unforgettable. Pick up your dream night. READ MORE
For $USD278 or more 5 / 20
Twelve 75cl bottles picked up in Coq au Vin's portfolio and sent to you in France for free READ MORE
For $USD667 or more
Visit of Wine Estate or Taylor-made Wine Tasting. You choose (limited places). READ MORE
For $USD1,334 or more
Dinner, with the person of your choice, in a great Parisian restaurant with the five other "grands donateurs", READ MORE
For $USD2,778 or more
Private dinner for two in a Michelin star restaurant of Paris, with myself and a Coq au Vin wine grower: READ MORE

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