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Aquas was developed to become a one-stop resource for anyone looking to add a new fish, coral, or invertebrate to their aquarium. Aquas Mobile App will change the way you inhabit your aquarium. Build the tank of your dreams with Aquas. Search their database to find real-time compatibility ratings for the animals in your aquarium or build a brand new tank to see what will work before your aquarium is brought to life. Track and view coral lineage. Share your tank with friends, family, and the world.
Nick Cook, Founder of Aquas. Nick is a Marine Biology graduate, he has 10 years’ experience keeping reef aquariums, and 5 years’ experience working in a high-end fish store. His expertise comes not only from his own aquatic endeavors, but from helping hundreds of people to keep and maintain thriving aquariums.
Aquas will have a comprehensive database of saltwater fish, coral, and invertebrates to browse and check compatibility with your aquarium.
With Aquas, you can:

  1. Find information on any fish, coral or invertebrate.
  2. Instantly see if that animal is right for your aquarium.
  3. View quick stats to learn more about each animal’s needs.
  4. Aquarists can add the animals from their home or office aquarium directly to the app.
  5. Add all inhabitants from your aquarium directly to the app.
  6. View suggested tankmates based on your current inhabitants.
  7. Keep record of inhabitant details.
  8. Add photos of your aquarium and each inhabitant.
  9. Add equipment details.

Aquas offers the first solution to tracking coral lineage accurately and in a way that can he trusted. Aquarists fill out who they received each coral frog from when it gets added to My Aquarium. Our system then sends a notification to that person, who can either confirm or deny the proposed lineage. If confirmed, the confirmation can then be seen by anyone who looks at the details of that coral.
With Aquas, you can:

  1. Add named corals to My Aquarium
  2. Fill out who you received each coral frag from
  3. Receive confirmation of coral lineage
  4. View lineage of any aquarist’s coral

Aquas makes sharing your aquarium with friends, family, and the world easier than ever. Any aquarium in our database can be found within seconds. Search for specific users, aquariums in a certain location, or browse all aquariums. You can even add friends to keep a closer watch on aquariums you are especially interested in.
Aquas is compatible with any mobile device running Android, i0S(iPhone), or Windows operating systems. Aquas is optimized for use on cell phones or tablets.
After the launch, Aquas will be available on the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, Amazon Appstore, and the Microsoft Store.
Nick Cook has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $18,000 the fund raised will be used for Design, Programming and Marketing.
Thank you so much for any help you’re able to give. And please forward this campaign to anyone you think may be interested and willing to help.
With your help, Aquas will launch in January 2017!
If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on their Indiegogo page:

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Project Rewards
$24 USD
Get Aquas First! BETA
*EARLY BIRD SPECIAL* Be the first to use Aquas as one of our BETA testers! You'll get instant access to ALL of Aquas' features before anyone else! Aquas will also be ad-free!
$1 USD
Ad-free Aquas!
Thanks for helping out! You get Aquas ad-free.
$5 USD
Ad-free + 5 Backgrounds
Thank you! You'll get Aquas ad-free and 5 awesome desktop backgrounds!
$9 USD
Ad-free + 10 Backgrounds
Nice! You'll get Aquas ad-free and 10 awesome desktop backgrounds!
$49 USD
BETA + Tank Evaluation
You'll become a BETA tester and get a one-time tank evaluation - including professional advice from one of our aquarium experts. Aquas will also be ad-free!
$99 USD + Shipping
BETA + T-shirt + Tank Eval
You'll not only be a BETA tester and get a one-time tank evaluation, but you'll also get an Aquas T-shirt to share your support! Aquas will also be ad-free!
$199 USD + Shipping
BETA, Eval, Shirt +Fast Adding
Wow! You supported us, now we'll support you. Have an animal that's not in our database? Your suggestion takes priority and we'll get it added within 24 hours! Oh yeah... you get to be a BETA tester, will receive a one-time tank evaluation, and a T-shirt too! Aquas will also be ad-free!
$499 USD
Get an Aquas Assistant!
We are so grateful for your support that a member of the Aquas team will be ready to assist you with any aquarium related questions whenever you have them. And guess what... you also become a BETA tester, get an Aquas T-shirt or hoodie, AND receive new animal suggestion priority! AWESOME! Aquas will also be ad-free!
$999 USD
Direct Contact with Founder!
AMAZING! For this amount of support you get everything! The best part of this perk is you get direct contact with Aquas' founder for any aquarium related questions. Don't forget BETA tester status, an Aquas T-shirt and hoodie, and new animal suggestion priority (always to the very top)! Aquas will also be ad-free!

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