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“For most of history, anonymous was a woman.” – Virginia Woolf

ANONYMOUS WOMEN, is Patty Carroll’s three-part series cataloguing women’s whimsical and chaotic dance with domesticity. In the fall of 2016, Daylight Books will publish a comprehensive monograph of this project.



“The Anonymous Woman stands in for any domestic woman. She speaks to the modern balancing act of managing a love of home making and feminine identity.” —Patty Carroll

The publication will begin with the early project: HEADS, which developed while the artist lived in England and was known by her domestic identity. With the models face, always hidden under domestic objects, the project reflects the artist’s continuing dance with identity and domesticity.

Part II began upon returning to the states;  obsessive homemaking shifted HEADS  into DRAPED. The Anonymous Woman developed into a figure so completely at one with her home that she became engulfed in it’s drapes.

In the project’s most recent phase, CONSTRUCTED, the Anonymous Woman’s possessions multiply and Multiply and MULTIPLY into a comic crescendo of stuff. This book documents Patty Carroll’s Anonymous Women and her 20 year experience with the complicated relationship between identity and domesticity.


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