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The Ankura Brand is based in Lima, Peru. Ankura is a way of bringing the latest fashion trends to stand out the eco lifestyle of our clients, that cares about the social impact that can make in their daily activities.
For two years now they have been creating some of the most interesting clothing you can find. The natural fibers, premium alpaca and cotton they use is not only easy on the eye, attractive and even dare I say, sexy, but on the skin as well. You won’t find cuts, rash or anything else ones you remove these exotic clothes.
The clothes themselves are very colorful and cheerful while still maintaining an almost sophisticated look. Beige, dark yellow, royal blue are only some of the colors mixed and matched by the designers in Ankura which will compliment your eyes, your smile or even some of the bracelets, wallets, earrings and key rings they also make.
But probably the best part about Ankura is that when you shop with them you are not only buying a little something for yourself but are actually helping in creating a new wave of culturally inspired clothing that has started to take root thanks to Ankura.
The clothes are made by local artisans who have spend most of their lives perfecting the techniques that are need to make clothing that can only be found here. Ankura is spreading not only it’s clothing line but the almost forgotten spirit of Peru with every piece bought. And having seen their products, it really looks like imagination is the only obstacle for the people at Ankura.
So if you are looking for something original, something not yet seen or maybe even worn, then Ankura is the place for you.
For more information, please visit ANKURA Indiegogo page:–2#/

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$10 USD
Thank you Online Post Card
Thank you for your support! As a reward, we will send you a beautiful Peruvian digital post card READ MORE
$19 USD + Shipping
The Peruvian Amazon Bracelet
Our bracelets are made from Amazonian seeds, Premium silver READ MORE
$36 USD + Shipping
The Handmade Alpaca Keyring,
27% OFF from Retatil Price Our ethical pom pom keyring is hand made from the softest alpaca READ MORE
$49 USD + Shipping
The Custom Handmade Wallet
29% OFF from Retatil Price Get your initials embroidered in this limited edition mini wallet made through ancient Inca weaving techniques. READ MORE
$69 USD + Shipping
The Custom Handmade Clutch
30% OFF from Retatil Price Do you need something bigger than a purse to carry your stuff? READ MORE
$109 USD + Shipping
Pima Cotton Ribbed Brody Top
27% OFF from Retatil Price Pre-order one of our favourite pieces from our Premium Cotton Collection. READ MORE
$139 USD + Shipping
Premium Alpaca Knit Skirt
26% OFF from Retatil Price Our Hannah skirt is made from the finest alpaca blend: Baby Alpaca and Mulberry Silk. READ MORE
$299 USD + Shipping
Handmade Premium Cotton Skirt
25% OFF from Retatil Price The Georgia skirt, made entirely from hand-woven fabric in the finest Pima Cotton, READ MORE
$399 USD + Shipping
Ethical Total Look (Top+Skirt)
26% OFF from Retatil Price Get your sustainable #ootd ready by wearing our Georgia skirt with the simple READ MORE
$499 USD + Shipping
Premium Cotton Handmade Skirts
37% OFF from Retatil Price Our Georgia skirt is so beautiful that having just one isn’t enough! READ MORE

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