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Americas Got Talent or Bust is owned by of Gabino Martinez who performs live speed paintings choreographed to song lyrics or storylines, painting the story of popular music.
Gabino Martinez is a self-trained craftsman favored with the capacity to test and make new and one of a kind workmanship. With the advancement of new and energizing types of workmanship, Gabino has made his own one of a kind style of joining music and craftsmanship to change an unfilled canvas into a live masterpiece.
From the Inspiration and love of music, Gabino makes craftsmanship choreographed to music on a turning canvas running in size from 4′ to 10′. His live shows are creations that can be created specifically for your event.  When you book live speed painter, you will have attendees talking about your event for a long time to come. The unforgettable music and color experience of large portraits that explode on stage in minutes will make your event a hit with everyone. Paint, Music, and entertainment collide for an entertaining show that will inspire and brings people to their feet.
Gabino has been crafting and molding his unique talent, and now with the help he wants to share his talent with the world.
The resources raised through the campaign will go toward buying a utility van needed to transport and travel the art gear to and from the audition city and the live shows. Funds will also be used to hire an assistant, for art supplies, travel and hotel expenses.
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Project Rewards
Pledge $1 or more
Any amount is much appreciated.
Every Dollar Helps. Thank you so much. every pledge at this level will get mentioned at the end in the credit section.
Pledge $25 or more
Autographed Jumbo Poker Cards
Pledge gets you 1 Jumbo Poker Card Autographed by one of 11 poker pros.
Pledge $50 or more
Art Prints
Reward gives you the oportunity to own original art prints of many original art paintings and light art photography prints.
Pledge $250 or more
Antique style framed poker print
This is a 25x19 (poker print) of an original heavy textured painted canvas.
Pledge $1,000 or more
WSOP Poker Cowboy Hat (autographed)
This is a hand painted WSOP cowboy hat autographed by over 30 of the worlds best profesional poker players
Pledge $1,500 or more
Creative Option
Pledge gets you one in studio 20"x30"painted portrait of any image you provide.(family-sports figures, celebrities) (art video included) (so many options)
Pledge $2,000 or more
My Own Art Creations.
This pledge gives you the opportunity to own some of my art creations.. Your choices are on a fist come basis. READ MORE
Pledge $2,000 or more
Poker Art.
Pledge gives you the opportunity to own some of my Poker Art Creations. you can also pledge amount to have something similar custom created just for you.
Pledge $2,000 or more
Dallas Cowboys Metal 3D Art.
This piece is a part of the dallas cowboys" Color Rush Collection". It is a hand painted aluminum 3D Led Art. READ MORE
Pledge $2,000 or more
PBR Champion Bull Skull
This is a hand painted (Champion Bull Skull Art). it has 3 current professional bull riders autographs.
Pledge $2,500 or more
My Sports Art.
This pledge gives you the opportunity to own some amazing Sports Art Memorabilia. READ MORE
Pledge $2,500 or more
Joe Namath (Stone Carving)
This is a 8"x9" Hand Carved Stone of HOF quarterback (Joe Namath) Autographed by the man himself. (certificate of authenticity)
Pledge $3,000 or more
Surprise Your Loved One.
1 In Studio 4'x4'Live Speed Painting Performance of any Image that you love. READ MORE
Pledge $3,000 or more
Canvas Poker Art.
This pledge offers some unique poker art with autographs from Many Professional poker pros.
Pledge $3,000 or more
Poker Art. Set of 5 Canvas Art.
This set of 5 Heavy textured poker Art. Represents 4 hand showdown with the flop-turn and river. 1-18"x36"canvas 4-12"x16”canvas
Pledge $3,000 or more
Dak Prescott Canvas Art.
This piece is part of the dallas cowboys "Color Rush Collection" it is hand painted on a 32x48 (kitcanvas)
Pledge $3,000 or more
PBR-Profesional Bull Rider Art.
This is a 37" Champion Bull Skull Hand painted with a thick clear coat. it is autographed by 3 current profesional bull riders .
Pledge $4,000 or more
Metallica 3D glow in the dark art.
This one of a kind tribute to Cliff Burton is a framed Metallica 3D Interactive work of art. READ MORE
Pledge $4,000 or more
WSOP Long Horn Art.
This is a hand painted world series of poker long horn skull with a thick clear gloss finish. READ MORE
Pledge $4,000 or more
Dallas Cowboys Color Rush Skull.
This piece is part of the dallas cowboys "Color Rush Collection". READ MORE
Pledge $4,000 or more
Hand Carved Stone of Joe Namath.
This is a hand carved sand stone of joe namath. it is autographed with a certificate of authenticity.
Pledge $4,000 or more
Anonymous 3D Art.
Anonymous 3D Interactive features like.. Inserting glow sticks in pre-set holes. The use of a laser pointer is a must at night.READ MORE
Pledge $5,000 or more
Home Field
Invite your friends North Texas. Lets have a party.! Reward gives you a 2-4Hr show anywhere in the north texas area. READ MORE
Pledge $10,000
The Big Show
Live performance options for your event = 2-4hr live art show @ your event (US territory only). READ MORE
Pledge $10,000
Studio Live Speed Paintings
2-Custom 4'X4'live speed paintings created and performed in studio to your favorite songs with the art images you provided. This can be anyone-family group. A couple an individual. (art on paper)( art-music-video

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