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Child sex trafficking is a silent epidemic that is occurring all through the United States and the world, making social ruin for the young children, adult survivors, and society. In the United States there are an estimated 100,000-300,000 sexually abused kids. Children as young as 5 years of age are known to have been trafficked and sold. The average age of a trafficked child in the United States is 14 years of age.
By contributing to AIMEE you will be helping expose the crucial issue of the child sex trafficking epidemic happening right here in the United States. AIMEE is a social mindfulness film that conveys to light this sensitive issue in an inciting and enrapturing storyline directed by Lee Whittaker who’s last social mindfulness film about homelessness won more than 16 International film awards, including the “Film Heals” award.

The picture wrapped on principal photography in late December and now begins the PostProduction process. Funds will be used to complete the film and begin the festival circuit. There are contribution perks for every donation and when we reach the goal those contributions will be sent out immediately.
The goal of this film will ideally drive a development to change enactment and punishments on guilty parties, increase awareness, and start a truly necessary discussion.
As with anything else there are challenges that occur and difficulties that arise, particularly in the film business. Additional costs dependably emerge and hindrances are unavoidable. In spite of any of those difficulties the greatest challenge is the topic itself.

Nevertheless, with incredible difficulties come great reward. The greatest result being AWARENESS and together trying to bring an end to child sex trafficking.
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Project Rewards
Pledge $10 or more
AIMEE "Awareness" Bracelet
You will receive an official AIMEE "Awareness" bracelet that lets people know your stance on child sex trafficking.
Pledge $25 or more
AIMEE Tote Bag & Postcard
We will mail you an AIMEE Tote Bag and "Thank You" postcard! Also included will be the "Awareness" bracelet.
Pledge $35 or more
Signed Copy of the Screenplay
We will mail you an autographed printed copy of the screenplay. Also included will be the "Awareness" bracelet.
Pledge $50 or more
Pre-Release Digital Download
When the film is completed you will receive a "FIRST LOOK" Digital Private Screener before is becomes available to anyone else!
Pledge $100 or more
Digital Download of AIMEE
Once the film is completed you will receive your own digital download. Also included: "Thank You" Postcard AIMEE "Awareness" Bracelet.
Pledge $500 or more
VIP Invitation to the Premiere
You and a special guest will receive a VIP invitation to the Los Angeles Premiere of AIMEE! **Must live in the area and/or be able to provide your own transportation. Also included: "Thank You" Postcard, AIMEE "Awareness" Bracelet, & Pre-Release Digital Download.

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