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Africa’s home grown high Tech smart agribusiness food secure solution based on indigenous knowledge.
AAM is Uganda’s home grown high Tech food smart agribusiness solution, based on a treasure of indigenous peoples knowledge & resources for high capacity production of healthy food to empower a woman & strengthen a home. This ushers in a new wave of prosperity.
This system costs just $13.000 to set up and can generate up to $112,000 a year, >250% Gross profit. This is a model of commercial aquaponics viability. The system crops of fish and plants are suited to the developing countries poor conditions of regularly interrupted electricity supply environment and staple food needs. It can be remotely monitored and controlled with data posted on a mobile phone via the internet.
Charles is the chairman of Africa Aquaponics Association (AAA). AAA is an umbrella organization for farmers using the aquaponics technology. They are social entrepreneurs who feel deeply for farming using the aquaponics technology which they introduced and have been doing and training Ugandans for the last 5 years on their demo system. They have won Two CITI Bank awards for Entrepreneurship. They have an exciting solution to viable commercial aquaponics with a min foot print on water, energy and has a low set up cost compared to standard systems. It has high production and can pay back the money invested in less than 2 years.
Their campaign is to spread the world about this breakthrough food production technology for adoption in emerging markets so that they can solve food security first in the home and for commercial income generation in the homes. Because the system is small < 1700 sq ft it will fit in most average home backyards, refugee camps and prisons.
Your contribution enables them to import water pumps, air compressors, liners, computer monitoring, control systems, accessories and buy some items locally to fabricate 10 proof of concept systems.
Charles and Joyce are a married couple.

Now they want to Set up these 10 AAM “proof of concept commercial aquaponics systems” for which they have developed a prototype to prove viability of investing in commercial aquaponics and to encourage mass adoption of these high capacity food production systems. They will use demo workshops and podcasting to propergate the knowledge of commercial urban farming and green jobs.
If you want to start commercial aquaponics, they have the most appropriate cost effective, practical local solution. They also will be writing informational blog on their website http://www.art4prosperity.com to keep you informed and updated on this wonderful technology, AAM product, the project progress, aquaponics technology and fish farming

Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information.


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