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A Book About Personal Development and Evolving with Neuroscience
Beautifully Shaken takes you along a journey of finding inner peace and joy
We all want to grow and evolve into our greater potential, but we often find ourselves hindered by not knowing how. We just don’t have the optimal thinking habits to create the actions necessary to actualize our dreams. “Beautifully Shaken” takes you along a journey of finding inner peace and joy, reflecting on assumptions, learning how to master our thoughts and inner strengths, creating a more fulfilling life and much more! There are moments when our inner voice encourages us to go deep within to gain a better understanding of our life experiences. If we follow this encouragement, many of us soon learn that we’ve been conditioned to believe that we are somehow less than the true wonder of our authentic self.
Through examining the choices we’ve made in the past, we can see that this deeply ingrained belief triggers our self-doubts and alters our life’s path in significant ways.
Change is rarely easy. It involves facing the inner challenges of accepting truth, acknowledging our hurt and pain, asking ourselves big questions, altering old beliefs, forgiving ourselves and others, letting go, and so much more. This stark and sudden awareness will likely astound us. We now know that we’re much more deserving and worthy than we’ve believed ourselves to be. We also now know that we and we alone are responsible for what we do with our gift of life. This awakening is our second chance. It’s what we’ve been longing for: the arrival of the inner clarity, support, and motivation to help make the difficult choices necessary for true and lasting change.
Through neuroscience, I now understand that the desire to change our lives is achievable and supported by the way our brains function. Change occurs from within – our thoughts, beliefs, and our inner narratives create our reality. Through paying attention and feeling the wonder of thinking deliberately, we can begin to create new neuropatterns and ultimately change our beliefs, our state of being, and our very reality. We can change even lifelong thoughts and beliefs.
Neuroplasticity explains that we can rewire our neurocircuits and change at any age. The brain is changing all the time as a response to new experiences, to learning something new, to remembering something or no longer thinking about something. New research has shown that the brain’s intricate web of neuropathways has a plasticity – an ability to change – that allows old neuroconnections to disconnect and form new ones throughout our lives. Neuroplasticity wonderfully confirms our ability to change. It provides physical evidence that we can alter the way we think and feel about ourselves and others.Neuroplasticity informs us that we don’t have to be attached to how we perceived ourselves in the past, to how we felt about ourselves in the past, or to what we thought were our limitations. We can use our free will to decide to disconnect from those negative perceptions and beliefs that don’t serve us well. We can learn from our past and make the alterations necessary to become a different person – to become more of the person we choose to be. We can change and evolve toward our greater potential.
beautiful-autDeborah Murphy from Allison Park, US is the author of “Beautifully Shaken”has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo as a target of $13,600 in order to publish her book.
Deborah Murphy says” I’ve learned how to use the basics of neuroscience as a tool for mastering my thoughts and for more clearly understanding my past, present,
and the greater potential of my future. This has been an awesome journey, and I would now like to share it with you in Beautifully Shaken.”
If the project is funded successfully, books will start shipping in November 2016.

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Personal Tribute
At one phase in my journey, I wrote a loving and inspiring 200-word tribute to myself (this activity is included in the book.) READ MORE
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Identify Your Inner Strengths
I worked hard to identify and master my inner strengths (this activity is included in the book.) It’s important to first know what they are so that you can begin to master them. READ MORE
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Authentic Path Schedule
To help actualize my new vision for my newly transformed life, I developed a monthly Authentic Path schedule (this activity is included in the book.)READ MORE
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Patron Book Acknowledgement
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