The Cataplana is a cookware pot with a difference. Conceived as a revolution in cookware, this copper and tin pan is a version of the Dutch slow cooker, combining the benefits of the tagine with a modern pressure cooker. A hallmark of traditional cooking, the Cataplana has been used by Portuguese hunters in the 20th century. It has been influenced by North African cooking and Arabic influences extending to about 500 years back.

The Cataplana, a strong pan with double clam shells with dual clamps, is made of tin and copper. Excellent for the professional or novice, the Cataplana is perfect for retaining the taste, flavor and aroma of the food. Cataplana is oriented towards making cooking fun-filled and pleasurable. Help the Cataplana revolution extend from banquets in the Algarve region to the kitchens of the world, by supporting a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter by Humberto Silva. This amazing cookware is an added asset to kitchens for its durability and ability to retain the color, aroma and smell of the food. The Cataplana is a miracle cookware for food that makes your tastebuds dance in anticipation.
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