In October this year a film crew from Table Mountain Films will voyage out from the coast of South Africa to witness and film an epic marine spectacle: Humpback whales, which are gathering together in enormous groups, totalling more than 200 whales per group. Scientists have a new word for these gatherings – ‘Supergroups’ – and are hailing this phenomenon as proof that humpback whales have finally made it back from the brink of extinction. For the first time we are seeing how whales behaved when they were plentiful, before the great industrial-scale slaughter of the 20th century.
This film shoot will be led by award-winning filmmakers Katharina Pechel and Joe Kennedy, whose wildlife films have been aired worldwide by major broadcasters like National Geographic, BBC and the Discovery Channel. This film will also reveal the extraordinary role humpback whales play in recycling the rare ocean nutrients that support phytoplankton which form the foundation of the entire ocean food pyramid. The whales’ critical role doesn’t stop there –phytoplankton produce half the planet’s oxygen and suck up vast amounts of CO2. So the whales are helping maintain a healthy climate. Come explore this remarkable and epic tale of survival and recovery and support the crowdfunding campaign for this enthralling narrative on the Kickstarter platform